You Are Free to Sing Any Song From the State Approved Hymnal

Liberals believe in freedom of religion.  This bedrock freedom is what, they say, allows atheists to sleep comfortably at night without the ever present worry that state enforced Christianity is right around the corner.  And it keeps the Christian comfortable knowing that the atheists must take a hands-off approach to The Olde Tyme Religion.  (I’ll just note that I’ve said before that mature liberalism makes parody nearly impossible.)

The tiny problem with all that comfort going on is that there is no such thing as freedom of religion.  Liberal politics (as all politics) determines what counts as a religion and what does not count as a religion. Politics determines what that religion can and cannot do. So far so good. But what takes liberals through the looking glass is when they gather together all those active, enforced, obligatory proscriptions and call them “freedom.”

Invasion of the Granny Snatchers

In normal times and places, the sight of two middle aged ladies enjoying themselves at the bar over beers would warm the heart.

These are not those times.

Today, if one lives in a large enough sort of city I suppose, one should view grannies at the bar with the utmost circumspection. Because at some point, dear reader, our ladies will drop the mask and begin, shudder, discussing politics. And by discussion I mean a spittled, stacatto din. Yes, in the ModernTime, grannies are very serious about clucking from the bar tops “stupiddumbstupidmoronstupid (granny takes wasp breath, a sip of Chardonnay, and a glance at the Facebook notification) dumbidiotstupid Trump.”  He – and there is absolutely no question to whom that pronoun refers minutely to our grannies – is “turning back the clock” (ladies are ever zealous over their clocks).

I suggest furrowing one’s brow – grannies do love serious gentlemen – and ordering more whiskey.

I Found Another Use for the Wall

Now that right liberals have exchanged  walls for murdering children as the rallying point for voteness, I’ll just note that liberalism always bites back. Arguing for a “right” to life for a fetus is as vapid as arguing for a “right” to emigrate for an immigrant.  And by that I mean there is no “right” differentiating between right and wrong.  There’s only what’s Right. And what’s Wrong.

The Goal

The goal of destroying modernity is to re-establish illiberal, authoritarian Catholic Christendom. The goal of destroying modernity is – to some extent at least – to create a society in which Protestantism feels uncomfortable.

Scorched Earth Blogging

My own temperament and personal history is such that I’m tempted towards a scorched earth view of Protestantism.

However, it seems there are times when joining arms with Protestants is the prudential thing to do.

And yet there are times when joining arms with Protestants would be the most abject of consequentialism.

There is wisdom – and surprisingly little in the blogosphere – in understanding the difference.

Merry Christmas!

Hail and blessed be the hour and the moment in which the Son of God was born of the most pure Virgin Mary!  At that hour, vouchsafe O my God to hear our prayers and grant our desires through the merits of our Savior Jesus Christ and of his Blessed Mother. Amen.

A very Merry Christmas to all those souls in the blogosphere.